Stano Dusík (1990): St. Ignatius' Vision in La Storta

Stano Dusík (1990): St. Ignatius' Vision in La Storta

Behold who is carrying Jesus' cross in this picture, St. Ignatius or Jesus. Very frequently it seems to us that we carry the cross, but in fact Jesus carries it. Now we understand when he says: "For the yoke I will give you is easy, and the load I will put on you is light" (Mt 11:30) -- for he walks with us and helps us. (MČ)

Iñigo in contemplation

Iñigo stayed in the cave in Manresa about one year. He was sorry for all his sins, and he prayed over the mysteries of Jesus' life. Thus he was the first to go through spiritual exercises under the direction of our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary. He recorded the instructions and insights and later wrote a book Spiritual Exercises. This book has been used for centuries by many who wanted to know and follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Today the cave is nicely maintained and is part of the Jesuit church. At the entrance to the cave angels hold the inscriptions with sentences taken from the book Spiritual Exercises written by St. Ignatius in Spanish.

The left angel carries the inscription:

I seek the inner knowledge of the Lord who for my sake became a man so that I may love him and revere Him ever more.

The right angel carries the inscription:

Christ calls everyone under His standard, and on the other side Lucifer under his.