Privacy policy

This document regulates privacy policy of service, distribution and data collecting on the Portal, generated by users.


The user, registered or no registered, gives explicit consent that every data which he enters, either as news, accessory, comment or data from the registration is to be collected and used in a way regulated by Terms of Service. All the information except e-mail address, mobile phone number and password are potentially publicly obvious.

The User accepts the fact that all the news entry, audio and visual accessories, links, comments and public data about the registered user are publicly obvious to every person who accesses the Portal and its partners. In accordance with the fact that, theoretically speaking, entered data can reach general public, the User has the right and obligation to treat news entry with responsibility.

The User accepts the fact that the entered news is publicly accessible to algorithms for searching web sites, and, as such can be shown as search results (e.g. Google).


Persons under 13 years of age cannot register. Portal is not responsible for the publicly available data display of persons under 13 if they register against Terms of Service i.e. against the part that limits the registrant’s age. If Portal realises that a person registered is under the age of 13, we reserve the right to immediately shut out the availability of such person’s fact file. If you, as a user, have information about such registration, please, inform us about it by email.

Although Portal takes technical, personnel and organization security measures for data protection on the Portal, it cannot guarantee that it will not be discovered due to prohibited data collection (hacker attacks, malicious software, breaking into) or Force Majeure. To the maximum extent permitted by law, under any circumstances, Portal does not take responsibility for any damages caused by such events. Every user must accept the facts above before starting using the Portal.

Those who have the privilege of access to a particular group of data must not use them for any purpose other than that for which they were given this privilege. Violators will be denied this privilege and the right to register as a user of the Portal.

Data collection

Portal reserves the right to collect data on using the Portal, sites visited, cookies - small groups of data on user’s visits, IP address etc.).

Every user who accesses the Portal accepts the fact that the system automatically notes his Log data, IP address, referral domain and data on visiting sites. Portal reserves the right to additionally note data in the future, such as conditions and searching parameters, in order to generally improve the service.

Portal reserves the right to forward certain data at request of State authorities in charge of security, if there is reasonable suspicion of illegal activities or violation of law. Every request of that kind will be considered individually.

Change of policy

Portal, its owners and legal heirs reserve the right to occasionally change the rules of Privacy policy. Every change of the kind will be seen at this place. After the notice, the user who wishes to continue using Portal is obliged to accept the newly created or altered rules.

This document enters into force on 20 January 2013.

Iñigo in contemplation

Iñigo stayed in the cave in Manresa about one year. He was sorry for all his sins, and he prayed over the mysteries of Jesus' life. Thus he was the first to go through spiritual exercises under the direction of our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary. He recorded the instructions and insights and later wrote a book Spiritual Exercises. This book has been used for centuries by many who wanted to know and follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Today the cave is nicely maintained and is part of the Jesuit church. At the entrance to the cave angels hold the inscriptions with sentences taken from the book Spiritual Exercises written by St. Ignatius in Spanish.

The left angel carries the inscription:

I seek the inner knowledge of the Lord who for my sake became a man so that I may love him and revere Him ever more.

The right angel carries the inscription:

Christ calls everyone under His standard, and on the other side Lucifer under his.